Pictures from a customer in India running the 220 unit on his generator and seeing a consistant 20% reduction in diesel fuel.


Ed brought his durango to me to install a punch 5.0 this job took 3 hrs to do.





New test results with our last model the punch 3.0!!!

Date: 18 March 2011 at 15:39
Subject: First test results

Engine:Deutz 4 cyl water cooled turbo diesel around 147 BHP
Model:BF 4M 2012
Location:Convert site
Use: McCloskey crusher,under heavy load.
Without HHO:17.00 lit/hr
With HHO: 9.4lit hour

1 hr tests

45% reduction in fuel consumption, not bad.

These are 3rd party results by a customer of PunchHHO I did not conduct these tests myself.

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