The Punch 5.0 is our 5th electrolyzer design since 2007. It has everything we have learned about HHO production packed into one 3/4 of an inch thick, sleek attractive package! The specifications on the unit are as follows. 7-6x6 316L stainless plates. 1 liter of HHO production for every 15 amps of input current at the normal 13.8 volt automotive electrical system. Super low / no steam output, this unit is so efficient that very little heat is created. When running, the water gets warm but not hot like other drycell or wetcell designs. The slim packaging is what makes this drycell so attractive. A lot of people want to do an HHO install, but simply can't find room under the hood for a big, bulky drycell to fit. This is no longer a problem with the punch 5.0 slimline, this unit can fit in the tightest engine compartment! If your considering doing an HHO installation in your vehicle or already have one and just want a better drycell, you are at the right place! Send us an email with any questions you may have and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!
Attention Punch 5.0 users.
To conect power to the unit, loosen and take out one of the 16 bolts then use heavy gauge wire lugs and make the electrical connection on both sides of the cell one being pos and one being ground. Make sure the connections are good and clean. Re tighten the bolt and your good to go.
Keep in mind that both sides of the cell are electrically charged so the side of the cell that's hooked to the positive wire must not be able to ground to the vehicle or it will short and blow the fuse that you will have installed on the power wire. YOU MUST HAVE THE POWER WIRE FUSED.
This cell has a VERY good flow through, there is almost NO resistance inside for water to flow so it does not need a huge drop from the water tank to the cell to work properly. Just make the hose as short and direct as possible from the bottom of the water tank to the bottom of the cell. Gravity will fill it right up and it will work like a dream!

We also offer 120v hydrogen generator.

The 55 plate home unit is great for home heating, experimenters, and torch systems. I do offer a 120v AD - DC rectified variable controller to make this unit much more user friendly. If you have 220v access you can use 2 of these in series and double your output capability. This unit ships @ 34 lbs.  
  55 plate 110-120v hydrogen oxygen generator.


We also offer a 220v hydrogen generator.

The 110 plate 220-240 unit is s 65 LB monster! This is the biggest HHO unit in the world! I offer a controller for this unit as well. The controller is 220v AC in and 0-220VDC out and will deliver 50 amps of continuous power non stop. I also now have cooling systems to go along with these large units, this is very helpful to maintain your electrolyte temp. Ask me about complete package pricing. Cell, radiator, controller, tank and shipping.

110 plate 220v hydrogen oxygen generator.

My controllers are Heavy duty AC to DC variable rectification circuits that take regular AC power out of the wall and turn it into variable DC voltage ready to be used for hydrogen production.
I offer a controller for both my 55 plate 120v home unit and my 110 plate 220v hydrogen generators.
The 120v controller has a 30 amp limit and the 220v unit is up to 50 amps continuous use.
The controllers are hi tech and have voltage and current limiting features built in! So for example if you only want the cell to pull 25 amps max, you just set the current limit dial to 25 and no matter how conditions change the cell will maintain 25 amps.
Both enclosures have built in cooling and are ready to be hooked up right out of the box.

The controllers. I have 2 standard controllers in stock. 120V-30 amp and 220v-50 amp. When I say 30 and 50 amp I'm talking 30 and 50 amp 100% duty, non stop all day!

Both of these have built in rectification, cooling, current and voltage limiting. Just hook the input to your panel box or inverter and the output to your cell and your ready to go with complete and full control! The voltage and current control is 4-20ma, so it can be interfaced with just about anything! The options for controlling this are unlimited!

I can build any controller for any need, these are just the most commonly needed systems that I keep in stock!

These systems are far superior to any PWM your going to find. These are not PWMs.



Stay tuned for our new line of industrial hho hydrogen hydroxy torch systems. We have 4 models coming out.
Our ultra compact and light weight portable "jewelers buddy" 110v 1-5 liters per minute. Our base 110v unit that is capable of up to 20+ liters per minute. The 220v unit that does 50+ liters per minute and our biggest unit the 380-480 volt system that will do over 125 liters per minute of clean, cool, dry hydroxy gas.

You will be simply amazed when you see the innovation incorporated in this new line of light duty to industrial size torch systems!


Please remember this is all experimental technology! Many variables effect hydrogen-oxygen production. This is not a boxed appliance from Wal*Mart, these are parts for a larger project that you are working on. You are responsible for using these parts safely! Always keep in mind that you are working with high voltage, highly conductive water and an extremely flammable gas with oxidizer present! All safety precautions should be taken at all times!