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The truth about titanium HHO drycell units.

Let me tell you why we use 316 stainless rather than titanium here at Punch HHO. First off, it has nothing to do with material cost. If I told my customers that titanium was better and it cost more, they would pay the difference, I have high end customers that are less concerned with the cost of the units and focused more on quality so that has nothing to do with it at all.

The truth is titanium is a HORRIBLE conductor of electricity and acts as a heating element because of its resistive qualities second titanium oxidizes immediately and cannot be used for electrolysis on its own, instead it needs laminated or coated with a mixture of other metals or otherwise known as MMO coating. This is a ridiculous solution because in all cases the coating just peels off in short order, leaving the cell rendered a paperweight a very expensive and messy paperweight at that!

There are other metals that can be used for electrolysis and all other options are better than titanium but none are all around as good or long lasting as 316L stainless. Titanium is just the worst possible option period but the words "titanium alloy" sure sounds cool though, don't they?

The fella that started the titanium push needed a selling point for his more expensive units, so he came up with a scare-tactic marketing ploy that was less than honest, but VERY effective! He said that stainless releases toxic HEX C and you are basically killing the earth and being a bad citizen if you use anything other than his safe alternative! Pretty smart, it worked! He sold many units and scared lots of people; the problem is… there is no evidence of his claims. It’s just a scare tactic to help sell units.

Chromium does leach from stainless when it breaks down or is super heated the same as when it sits in a junk yard and rots away "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" you get out what you put in. Whatever you put into something is eventually going to come out. Chromium is used in the making of stainless steel and will eventually come out of it at some point weather it sits in a junk yard or in your drycell. In order to get high and dangerous levels of chromium, one has to be welding it or cooking it fast (and a lot of it) while inhaling it. I have HHO devices that I have been running since 2007 and the plates are just as thick and robust as they were when I put them into the unit 6 years ago. If all the chromium or anti oxidation material has leached out, why are the plates still intact? Obviously, the chromium has not leached out because it is still stainless steel.

Let me share with you the best part about why titanium sucks for this job. Remember how I told you that the MMO lamination peels off exposing the bare titanium, thus rendering the cell worthy of weighting paper? Builders of these units found that if they used a different electrolyte solution, they could slow this down at least long enough for the warranty to run out so they would no longer be responsible for the unit. They are using sodium sulfate instead of the industry standard sodium or potassium hydroxide. The problem with this is: it's not strong enough and cannot get the PH to nearly where it needs to be to conduct low voltage (i.e. 2 volts per plate gap). Instead, they need to use 12 volts per plate gap so these units run SUPER HOT and about 1/6th as efficient as if you were running the needed electrolyte.

With titanium, you are piling bad on top of bad on top of bad.

Poor conductor of electricity
Unreliable MMO coating
Extreme heat
Super low efficiency
Very expensive to build and buy

Moreover, the most ironic thing of all is that there are so many types of metals and materials in this alloy mixed metal-coated MMO hunk of junk that no one has any clue what could be leaching out of these scary things! However, one thing is for sure, the coating peels off and dissolves in your water.

I get so many emails every week from customers that want me to go to titanium because of what they have read on the Internet. If titanium were better, I would be offering it already! I have looked into it extensively and have lots of money invested into the research. Punch HHO is the leader in HHO technology, if it was a viable option that met the criteria, I would be offering it as an option for my customers! Think about it, why not? My company or any other company can NOT put out a quality titanium product and that's why I won't do it. I cover my product for a lifetime, I do not keep my fingers crossed that the materials I use outlives the warranty.
When viable alternatives to stainless become available, I will inform everyone, trust me! Titanium is not an option, Sorry. You don't have to take my word for it, just look around on the Internet and read the stories about the companies that sell the titanium units, how they do business and how their products hold up, It's actually really sad.


Public information source #1 I found this while searching companies that build titanium units.


Please remember this is all experimental technology! Many variables effect hydrogen-oxygen production. This is not a boxed appliance from Wal*Mart, these are parts for a larger project that you are working on. You are responsible for using these parts safely! Always keep in mind that you are working with high voltage, highly conductive water and an extremely flammable gas with oxidizer present! All safety precautions should be taken at all times!
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