380v 3 phase 25KW 125LPM PunchHHO Gas Generator running on application.


220v unit on 350kw Genset


220v unit test run before shipping.


55 plate home unit in clear.


The only problem with the new Punch 5.0 line is the raging jealously that surrounds it's genius design and engineering. I can understand the frustration from other builders considering I completely nailed it with this design and there really is no room for improvement, If your a builder, don't hate, appreciate! The public deserves this unit, it's about time that someone rolled out a solid product that does what it says and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

As you can see in the videos, we have the nicest line of HHO devices in the world! Nothing compares with our sleek streamlined design and unprecedented efficiencies. With the Punch 5.0 being only 3/4 of an inch thick, folks that previously couldn't fit a drycell under there hood can now! We now offer complete HHO kits direct to your door! HHO kits include everything you need to do a start to finish HHO installation! Get started today on your HHO hybrid conversion! Order your HHO Kit here!

Here it is! The Punch 5.0 120v HHO drycell! There is so much going on with hho home heating and so many people trying to use these 12v electrolyzers for there HHU home heating experiments that we decided to do the world a favor and design the first ever 120v HHO drycell. Trying to use a 12v drycell in your home requires you to have a huge 12v power supply, they are heavy and expensive and put huge limitations on how much hho you can produce. With the 120v punch 5.0 home unit you can produce as much gas as you want anywhere from 1 to 25 liters per minute! Save yourself the hassle of messing around with automotive drycell units if your experiment requires large amounts of hho and get your hands on the Punch 5.0 home unit!

220 unit demo